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1/26/2017 PlayPosit

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Ellen Quigley


1. This is a high school Biology class taught by teacher Ellen Quigley. The students will soon be taking the state End of Course Biology exam.

2. Notice the word chart on the bulletin board with vocabulary specific to Biology. What other information is posted in the room and/or on the white board?

3. This teacher allows students to use their cell phones to download a QR scanner for a game they are going to play. Why is she using the ‘Scavenger Hunt’ game? She also asks them to play a game called ‘Two Truths and a Lie’. Why?

4. How does the teacher take attendance and what are the students doing while she does this? Notice students are preparing for the bell work so they stay on task.

5. Mrs. Quigley is using every available moment to keep students engaged while she takes attendance and checks for homework. What did you observe?

Students are likely going to be more engaged when they get to play a game to review concepts and/or are allowed to use their cell phones for part of the lesson.

6. Notice that Mrs. Quigley is walking around the room during the warmup/bell work activity. Why is she doing this?


1/26/2017 PlayPosit

7. She is likely circulating around the room for several reasons – all very intentional. Her very presence and close proximity helps keep students on task. She also wants to see if the students recall the concept of ‘active and passive transport’ previously taught several months before which she stated earlier. And by checking their work, she also sets them up for success in the game and makes sure there are no misunderstanding or misinformation being shared between the students.

Next watch how Mrs. Quigley helps students prepare for the upcoming exam.

8. What did you observe as Mrs. Quigley helped to prepare her students for the state exam? Reflect.

This school uses an app called ‘Remind’ to send students important messages via a text message.

Observe the next part of the lesson to watch how Mrs. Quigley deals with a technology malfunction. This is something that can happen at any moment so a teacher must always have alternative plans in case the technology doesn’t work.

9. Mrs. Quigley’s pacing of the lesson is very good. She is taking her students through various activities to help them to review for a test. She transitions easily and seamlessly between different activities so absolutely no time is wasted. She continues to use various forms of technology and media to keep students engaged. Watch what she does to shift the lesson to an introduction to the study of plants. Reflect on the importance of appropriate pacing.

10. Again, the teacher is using the novelty of a game and using QR codes with their phones to help keep them engaged in the lesson. Reflect.

11. Effective teachers always reflect on the lesson, and lesson outcomes. Listen as the teacher reflects on this lesson, and compare it to the responses you have written on the observation worksheet. Use both the teacher’s reflections and your own observation when writing your overall observational reflection.

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