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Nichole Nakadate

6th Grade Social Studies – Economics of Latin America

1. Mrs. Nakadate will begin with telling students about the lesson agenda and gives students an opportunity to prepare mentally for the content of the lesson. This is especially important when carrying over content from a previous lesson. Make note, though, that a lesson agenda is not the same as the learning objective.

2. What 3 things did Mrs. Nakadate do that provided structure for her students’ peer collaboration time?

3. Mrs. Nakadate 1) reviewed the questions to be addressed during the collaborative session, which provided direction and purpose to their conversations;

2) reviewed guidelines for successful peer collaboration, which provided students with social parameters for structuring their academic conversations; and

3) used a timer for the collaborative session. This ultimately focuses the direction the conversation takes since students know they only have a limited amount of time in which to complete their assigned task.

4. Watch Mrs. Nakadate’s interaction with this group. How does she utilize questioning to engage students and stimulate higher levels of cognition related to GDP vs. GDP per capita?

5. Here Mrs. Nakadate has referenced prior learning in relation to their current topic. This is helpful to students to make connections between terms/content and solidifying the learning.




6. Mrs. Nakadate is modeling how students will use the t-chart during guided practice. This will lead to them performing the same task independently in table groups. Consider the importance of modeling. Why do you think modeling is such an important part of the teaching process? Reflect.

7. What classroom management strategies, resources, and techniques do you observe in Ms. Nakadate’s class?

8. Notice how Mrs. Nakadate provided this student with praise and asked her to be ready to share her insight with the class. Why does she do this?

9. Validation like that used by Mrs. Nakadate encourages students to take risks and share their thoughts and opinions with peers and teachers.

10. Effective teachers always reflect on the lesson, and lesson outcomes. Listen as the teacher reflects on this lesson, and compare it to the responses you have written on the observation worksheet. Use both the teacher’s reflections and your own observation when writing your overall observational reflection.

11. Take note of how Mrs. Nakadate was able to provide a cross-curricular approach to covering this piece of Social Studies content. By incorporating concepts from one or more core subject, learning is more meaningful and students are able to practice skills from each core. How will you incorporate other curriculum content into your class?

12. Discuss the merits of the interactive notebook. Choose a content area and describe how this tool could be implemented within that content area.

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