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Implementation Details

Show me what will be the next step (show your code, or the structure of your code, or a demo of your system if it is done).


The Ideal Weight

This project will be on website where people can check their ideal weight by typing their current weight and height. There will be a main page with the question of the height and weight which will direct the user to the next page by assessing the answer. It is a simple website where it will calculate the weight and height and will take customer to the next page where it will show his/her ideal weight. New page will show the ideal weight and below of it will also be two different programs available. There should be two buttons (For these ones, the person should do some research):

1. Nutrition- When you click Nutrition it will appear four categories; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Each of them will show healthy meal options.

2. Workout- When you click to it, it will show workout plans.

That’s all. It is a simple website but needs a little bit of research for the nutrition and workout. There are bunch of information outside for them, obviously.

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