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Assignment 3: Draft a Critical Essay

Reading is fun for me when I am interested in the topic. But it can be very complicated

when I struggle to understand what the author is trying to tell me. I expected college reading to

be different from high school reading in many ways. The phrase and vocabulary that is used in

college writing is more complicated. College reading may be harder, but I think it is enjoyable

and the process of learning to read college writing is fun.

After reading the two writings from Nancy Sommer, I think that college reading is harder

to understand than high school reading. The vocabulary is harder and I needed to look up the

meaning of it online. I needed to read more than one time for sentences in Sample B of Nancy

Sommer’s writing in order to understand what it means. In high school, I was expected to read

short articles which I think are easier to understand. Unlike high school reading, college reading

is long and has pages and pages.

Even though college reading is long, I find that it is very interesting, because things are

not written straight out anymore. Just like Nancy Sommer said, “Nothing reveals itself straight

out, especially the sources all around them.” I have to explore what things really mean, not just

in the reading but also the things around me. Before I read the writing I never thought that there

is so much I can find out from the author’s words. I think the process of learning from just

understanding what the author writes to finding out what the source is really trying to tell me can

be fun.

As I expected, college readings are more complicated than the readings in high school. It

is different from the short articles I read in high school. It is harder to understand and the way the

author is trying to tell us something different. Even though college reading is hard, learning new

things gets me excited. I think I am going to enjoy learning how to read college writing.

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