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Leveraging technology, people, and resources, we aim to help our customers

transform all facets of their business operations and drive innovation. We achieve

our goals through our most valuable resource—our PEOPLE.


Create unprecedented value, service, and opportunity for our customers,

employees, and partners. We are innovators, dedicated professionals, and are proud

to uphold the traditions of commitment, excellence, and teamwork.

• Giving our customers the best customer experience, building customer

confidence, conquering all challenges, and demanding the best of ourselves.

• Pursuing excellence in everything we do and being a leader in innovative

information technology strategies and services.

• Empowering all employees to provide services that exceed our customers’

expectations and make our community the best.



• We value the contribution of every member.

• We inspire and encourage high levels of employee engagement through

recognition, effective communication, and constant feedback.

• We train together, work together, and look out for one another.


• When the training, preparation, and teamwork all come together, we are at

our best.

• We give our customers the best customer experience, build customer

confidence, conquer all challenges, and demand the best of ourselves.

• We choose to perform at the highest level of excellence.


• We empower all employees to provide services that exceed our customers’

expectations and make our community the best.

• We pursue excellence in everything we do and are leaders in innovative

information technology strategies and services.

• We strive to serve best-in-class offerings that meet cutting-edge business


Strategic Goals:

The company will achieve our vision and mission in the next five years by

focusing on the following strategic objectives:

1. Growth

The company will advance the mission by:

• Supporting and promoting U.S. businesses’ efforts to develop, sustain and

expand operations.

o Deliver service-oriented solutions and foster more customer

loyalty across the organization.

o Increase the company’s U. S market, allowing us to operate on a

larger scale and increase profitability.

â–ª Create a balance between revenue and expenses.

• Decrease expenses by 5%.

• Increase revenue by 10% annually.

o Increase the value of the company for our shareholders,

stakeholders, or owners.

o Secure a good reputation, Net Promotor Score (NPS) to boost

sales, and broaden our customer base.

o Ensure the organizational system is aligned, integrated, and


2. Talent and Learning

• Supporting Bringing on the best employees, retaining high-performing

talent, training, and enabling managers to devote more resources to

employee core competencies.

o Employee salary and benefits packages will be competitive within

the Willington, DE area.

o Design a succession plan to identify and prepare candidates for

high-level management positions that become vacant due to

retirement, resignation, death, or new business opportunities.

o Address the company’s leadership needs to ensure a selection of

qualified leaders that are diverse, a good fit for the organization’s

culture, and who have the necessary skills for the organization as

the company scales.

o Create a training, learning, and working environment that is

caring, safe, and healthy, and values human diversity.

o Recruiting and promoting highly qualified management personnel.

• Provide effective work systems that meet the needs of leaders and

frontline employees.

• Provide a regular flow of information to employees and stakeholders.

o Gather and analyze employee and stakeholder concerns to define

and deploy appropriate solutions.

o Increase the percentage of employees who have a high degree of

satisfaction with the quality of recruitment, training, recognition

and reward opportunities, and the company’s benefits.

o Ensure that 75% of exiting employees indicate satisfaction with

their work experience in an exit survey or interview.

o Evaluate the quality of recruitment, training, recognition and

reward opportunities, and work systems through a regular annual

employees’ survey, with an 80% satisfaction rate or an increase of

five percentage points.

3. Customers

• Acquire new customers from innovative offerings.

• Expand sales in the U.S. national market and attract new customers from

innovative offerings.

• Conduct market research during the first half of the year and develop

appropriate customer messaging strategies.

4. Marketing

• Acquire Enhancing marketing and visibility efforts.

o Grow a percentage of sales from new client contracts.

o Foster lifetime customer loyalty with marketing campaigns scaled

to meet the company’s needs.

o Increase social media impressions among the new target audience

by 30%.

o Ensure that adequate leadership, personnel, and resources exist

to achieve our marketing goals.

o Add two full-time community managers to better manage

comments and questions received on social media.

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