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Read the scenarios below and determine what contract type should likely be used for each. Provide details that support your choice of contract. You can refer to FAR Part 16 or the video from earlier in the lesson to refresh your understanding of contract type.

James Newman, Contracting Officer (CO), currently has six separate contract actions to award for her agency; choose from among the following contract types for each requirement: Firm, Fixed Price; Cost Plus Fixed Fee; Time & Materials; Blanket Purchase Agreement; IDIQ; Incentive contract.

  1. A contract for 6 months of office supplies estimated to cost $150,000 in total; items and quantities needed will vary depending on usage throughout the year.
  2. 70 new “off the shelf” computers estimated to cost $280,000.
  3. Furniture for an office of 70 people, with installation of cubicles
  4. Conference room space rented “as needed” for up to 4 meetings for a year.
  5. A security fence and guardhouse construction project estimated to cost $2 million.
  6. An IT service contract including application development and systems integration estimated to cost between $2 million and $4 million per year for two years.
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