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For  Chapter 8, using the following Sample Leadership Credos, develop your own leadership credo: (from Highlight 8.1)

As a leader, I . . .

. . . believe in the concept of whole persons and will seek to use the full range of talents and abilities of colleagues whenever possible

. . . will seek to keep people fully informed

. . . will more consistently express appreciation to others for a job well done

. . . will take risks in challenging policies or protocol when they do not permit us to effectively serve our customers.

. . . will selectively choose battles to fight—rather than trying to fight all of the possible battles

. . . will actively support those providing the most effective direction for our company. . . . will seek to change the things I can in a positive direction and accept those things I have no chance or opportunity to change.

For  Chapter 9, respond to the following questions:

  1. Explain Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.

What is the goal setting approach of motivation? How can leaders apply this method successfully?

How can leaders benefit from studying the different motivational theories and approaches? What should leaders keep in mind when applying these theories?


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