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I’m working on a retail management writing question and need a reference to help me learn.

Do a search online to find some exciting new textile.  You are looking for new advances in textiles such as sensors in garments, spider silk, garments that cool you when hot, and warm you when cool, and GPS systems.  There are so many more examples of new technology in the textile field.

Find a new, exciting textile, and

copy the article into your text

.  Since this is a current event article, it must be less than 6 months old.  It should be complete with the source and date of the article.

Paragraph one -Without plagiarizing the article, write a summary of your article and why it is exciting.

Paragraph two – Think outside the box, how could you or another fashion designer / product developer use this new textile in a garment?

Include why it is exciting to you, personally, and how you, as a designer could use or market this information


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