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– Choose one of the following references below and answer all of the questions

1. Find and discuss two of the main points of the article.

2. Share your opinion of the article and/or how it relates to you as a student or educator.

3. Share something you learned or were surprised by.

Article #1: Franco, P. F. 1. paul. franco@shu. edu. paul. f. franco@gmail. co., & DeLuca, D. A. . (2019). Learning Through Action: Creating and Implementing a Strategy Game to Foster Innovative Thinking in Higher Education.

Simulation & Gaming



(1), 23–43.…

Article #2: DiPasquale, J., & Hunter, W. J. (2018). Critical Thinking in Asynchronous Online Discussions: A Systematic Review.

Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology



(2). Retrieved from


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