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Work Experience Study Plan

Upload your Study Plan with Learning Objectives, wherein you have described how you will be applying things you learn in your Computer Science degree program to your job.

Study Plan and Learning Objectives Sample for Computer Science Students in the Sofia University Work-Integrated-Learning (WIL) Program

School Course Catalog:…

Learning Objectives:

As part of my training while in Sofia University’s M.S. in Computer Science program, I will apply the following principles, concepts, and studies to my experience while working for ________________________.

1. Job Title: ________________________.

2. Computer Science courses that I would like to take to enhance my skills in the areas of:

  • Software Engineering
  • Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Other Areas

Please note that these are just examples of areas in the MBA program that might be applicable to your job placement.

  • You need to choose examples that are appropriate and that reflect classes you actually intend to take.

  • You also need to describe how you will apply your learnings from the classes you intend to take, or the subject matter related to your degree program to your work.

  • Everything should be put into your own words.If you don’t compose something appropriate, your CPT application will be rejected.

3. Specific courses or topics I will study and apply to my job at __________________________________ will include:

The language below is just to be used an example.When you complete this document, I expect you to remove these guidance remarks that are highlighted in blue.If you don’t remove them, I will know that you didn’t pay much attention to the guidance I provided.

  • Data Analysis.

    In my position at __________________ I apply data analysis methods to _________________.

  • Artificial Intelligence.

    In my work, I make use of artificial intelligence in _______________________.

  • Algorithms.

    I make use of algorithms and knowledge in this area to _____________________.


1st Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Journal Report

This report should record your daily activities during your internship, the hours worked, comments regarding any problems or difficulties you encounter, positive experiences, and especially important, how this work experience complements your academic training.

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Onboarding Interview

In the first week of employment, the student will schedule an onboarding interview with his or her internship provider. Topics to be discussed should include the following:

1. The student’s F-1 visa status and participation in the USCIS’ Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) program.

2. Please point out that the student enjoys the benefits of the CPT program on the basis of being concurrently enrolled in an academic degree program that is aligned with his or her degree objectives.

3rd WIL Journal Report
The internship program took place in Stele Athletica Inc. It is a global company
renowned for excellence in selling ballet and yoga clothes. I worked 8 hours a day, five days a
week, for two weeks. During the program, I spend much of my time on statistical analysis and
thorough study of viable factors affecting Stele Athletica Inc. sales. I was engaged in website
development because I had better marketing and information technology (IT) skills. The website
I developed has a significant impact on the company’s well-being through the promotion of shoes
and clothes. I also did a thorough market analysis on clothes that customers brought most and
shoes that gave them a comfortable feeling.
I was delegated to update Stele Athletica Inc.’s e-commerce website by ensuring
everything was up to date. In addition, I spend much time determining the company’s sale
volume per product and analyzing the products that sold most. I did this above by employing my
IT, data, and machine learning skills. During the data analysis phase, I used my skill in R and
python as the primary tool that helped me achieve the goals set by the company1 (Chen et al.4). I
also analyzed the standardization of the materials and different vendors and made the necessary
database changes.
The generation of novel ideologies for the effectiveness of market campaigns was my
primary role in the marketing department at Stele Athletica Inc. I developed a technical
communication tool that helped create awareness to the public about the trend in yoga clothes
Chen, Homin, and Yu-Ming Hsu. “Influence of information technology and marketing
capabilities in achieving superior customer performance: evidence from Taiwan.” Asia
Pacific Business Review (2021): 1-23.
and shoes. I also took Stele Athletica Inc. online by generating eye-catching Ads to help develop
a broader customer base.
The internship program was instrumental in my studies. I converted the theoretical
knowledge I gained in a class setting into practice. The management at Stele Athletica Inc.
offered me a significantly viable platform full of opportunities to learn the critical aspects of
marketing and IT. I learned the importance of marketing classes in reality through selling yoga
cloth and shoes, fashion the companied keeps in tandem with the ever-changing market
Work cited
Chen, Homin, and Yu-Ming Hsu. “Influence of information technology and marketing
capabilities in achieving superior customer performance: evidence from Taiwan.” Asia
Pacific Business Review (2021): 1-23.

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