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I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please select only two

of the four links, and use a short paragraph to discuss each of your two choices in your “Reflections”:

The following four online resources discuss the following:

NFL Optimizes Schedules with IBM Analytics Systems

(Links to an external site.)

how NFL uses optimization to compute the best possible league schedules,

(Links to an external site.)

how FedEx streamlines costs by optimizing the routing of packages through their shipping network,

(Links to an external site.)

how food companies can optimize food production,

Secrets Of The SAP Transportation Management Optimizer

(Links to an external site.)

how SAP uses optimization to efficiently load containers and manage transportation of goods more efficiently. Read only the following sections: Introduction, What Is Optimization?, and VSR Optimizer Problem Statement)

For two examples listed above

, discuss key benefits of optimization modeling for managerial decision-making. What is an example from your personal/professional life of when optimization could have been used but wasn’t.

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