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The Necessity of Physics/ We Can’t Live Without Physics
Have you ever wondered about how can you open and close things? And what is helpful to
the development of science and the development of new technologies? It’s physics. We all studied
physics, but many people don’t know the importance of physics in our lives. We can’t live without
physics. In this essay, we will have a look at the importance of physics in our lives.
Do physical laws clearly affect our lives? The answer is of course that physics laws are not just
scientific laws used in calculations. In most aspects of our lives, we use physical laws without
realizing it. For example, have you ever asked yourself why you stand still without slipping? The
force of friction helps you. Also, what is the reason that makes things stable despite the rotation of
the earth? It’s gravity, these simple aspects are actually laws of physics.
Physics governs our everyday lives in one way or another. Let’s have some examples of physics
applications in everyday life. Such as a car collision, in this case your seat belt helps prevent your
body from moving in a forward direction, as your body resists being stopped because of inertia of
Nowadays people depend on technology in all areas of life and physics has played an important
role in the development of technology. Physics has played a role in the development of technology
with the ability to use energy of all kinds. Physicists have also developed advanced techniques for
radiographic diagnosis. Physics of technology has facilitated the development of the GPS based
on the theory of relativity.
Physics is of great importance in medicine and health. First, its importance lies in the
development of computers for experimental and computational dosimetry. Second, it helps to
improve and analyze the results of treatment. Finally, the goal of medical physics is to reconstruct,
analyze and diagnose images with high accuracy, using advanced computers.
To sum up, we discussed physical applications that we cannot dispense with our daily life, we
realize that physics is an integral part of science. So, as we mentioned earlier, physics controls
many natural phenomena such as tides. Furthermore, it determines a lot of human-made things
such as cars, microwaves and air conditioners.

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