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Personal Statement

Make it clear that you understand the position and have everything needed
Convince the reader that you are a mature and responsible person
Convey genuine enthusiasm but do not center on how great this is for you
but rather what you can contribute to the lab or company or community
Why do you want to be in the program? What skills are required? Do you
have those skills? How can you proof you have the skills?
Be specific.
Resources on how to write a personal statement:

Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.)
Writing the Personal Statement (Links to an external site.)
This assignment:
1. Write your personal statement. You only need to upload your personal
statement, no need for a cover letter. Write your personal statement for the
job that you are applying now.
2. Your statement should state where you are apply and which position.
I am applying all over the Miami-dade county and the position is registered
behavior technician and I have all the skills necessary, I already had the
training and am certified. I became interested in this field because I used to
babysit and tutor kids and one had autism and the other had adhd.

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