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explain what the public key system is and describe how it can be used to securely exchange a secret key.
explain what a quantum computer is and describe why it is a threat to the public key system.
explain what quantum cryptography is and describe how it can overcome the weakness of the public key
in quantum cryptography (also known as quantum key distribution), explain how the encryption key is
exchanged between two parties.
describe the latest developments in quantum cryptography.
Pick two of the ten heuristics for heuristic evaluation itemised in Block 2 Part 5, Section 5.4 (excluding heuristics
8 and 10). For each of the two heuristics, select an interface of some digital product with which you have
experience that fails that heuristic. Describe concretely the way in which it fails, and suggest a concrete way to
improve the design to address this failure. (You should not use an interface already analysed, or used as an
example, in the module.)
Note: Below is the Block 2 Part 5, Section 5.4. Please click on it to open PDF file. not more than 250 words

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