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Discussion 1

Select an article to focus on for this Discussion. Article selected:…

By Day 3 of Week 8

Post a critical analysis of the article that you selected by addressing the following:

Selected article:…

What are the goals and purpose of the research study described by the article you selected?

How are nonparametric tests used in the research study? What are the results of their use? Be specific.

Why are parametric methods (t tests and ANOVA) inappropriate for the statistical analysis of the research study’s data? Be specific and provide examples.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the research study (e.g., study design, sampling, and measurement)?

How could the findings and recommendations of the research study contribute to evidence-based practice for nursing?

Discussion 2

Qualitative researchers are motivated to know more about a phenomenon, a social process, or a culture from the perspectives of the people who are experiencing the phenomenon, involved in the social process, or living in the culture (Gray & Grove, 2020).

For this Discussion, reflect on an area of interest and develop your own qualitative research question. How might you approach this topic and purpose? What types of research methods and design might you employ to address your qualitative research question?

Reference: Gray, J. R., & Grove, S. K. (2020). Burns and Grove’s the practice of nursing research: Appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence (9th ed.). Elsevier.

To Prepare:

Select a topic or issue in nursing practice to focus on for this Discussion.

Selected topic:

Improving Patient Care Outcomes

Consider a qualitative research question that you might develop to address the topic or issue in nursing practice that you selected.

Reflect on how a qualitative research design might best support a research study to address your research question.

By Day 3 of Week 9

Post a qualitative research question in relation to your topic or issue of interest. Explain why a qualitative research design is best suited to support this research question. Then, describe potential ethical considerations you should keep in mind in relation to your qualitative research question. Be specific and provide examples.

Discussion 3


an explanation of when it might be most useful to use both qualitative and quantitative approaches or mixed methods to support a research design. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain whether a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches are used in systematic reviews to support evidence-based practice. Be specific.

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