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Theory of Nursing: THEORY
Topic within the theory: “The effects of guided imagery on comfort of women with earlystage breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy”
Article : Specialist breast care nurses for support of women with breast cancer
Tamara BrownSusanne CruickshankMaria NobletAuthors’ declarations of interest
Version published: 03 February 2021 Version history
***** Please check the Outline with the other article you could use for the

APA Format (SEE Attached Word with APA TEMPLATE)
Maximum of 2 pages (not including title and reference page).
Use Times New Roman # 12
Plagiarism < 10%
References APA 7
Discussion and Article Analysis – Outline
A. Brief description of Theory and Application of the theory of caring in research
********For the introduction you could use this article
All Answers Ltd. (November 2018). Impactance of Comfort Theory in Nursing. Retrieved
II. Article (An example of the application of this theory) evaluation and analysis.
✓ “(1) Does the theory or model address the client problems and health concerns?
✓ (2) Are the nursing interventions suggested by the model consistent with client’s
expectations for nursing care?; and
✓ (3) Are the goals of nursing actions, based on the model or theory, congruent with the
client’s desired health outcomes?”
✓ Does it generate a testable hypothesis?
✓ Are the biases or values underlying the theory made explicit?
✓ Are the relationships among propositions made explicit?
✓ Do the relations explain elements or do the elements explain the relations?
✓ The goals need to be examined.
✓ Does the theory describe, explain, predict or prescribe?
✓ Each theory must attempt to accomplish one of these goals.
A- Evaluation:
Internal and external criticism are required. To determine the internal and
external consistencies, the following must be considered.
✓ Internal criticism:
➢ Adequacy: How completely does the theory address the topics it claims to
address? Are there gaps that need to be filled or refined. Does it account
for the subject matter under consideration?
➢ Clarity: Does the theory clearly state the main components to be
considered? Is it easily understood by the by the reader?
➢ Consistency: Does the theory maintain the definitions of the key concepts?
➢ Logical development: Does it follow logically the thought of works that
has shown to be true.
➢ Level of development: Is it consistent with the conceptualization of Middle
range theory?

External criticism:
➢ COMPLEXCITY: How many key concepts are involved? How complicated is
the description of the concepts?
➢ Discrimination: Is the theory able to produce hypotheses that will lead to
research results that could not be arrived at using some other nursing
theory? How unique is the theory to the area of nursing that it addresses.
➢ Reality convergence: Are the theories underlying assumptions true. Do
they represent the real world of nursing and reflect the real world as
understood by the reader?
➢ . Pragmatic: Can the theory be operationalized in real-life setting?
➢ Scope: How broad or narrow is the range of phenomena that the theory
➢ Significance: Will the result of the research that is conducted because of
the hypothesis generated by the theory have any impact on the way
nurses carry out interventions in the real world or does it merely describe
what nurses do.
➢ Utility: Is the theory able to generate hypotheses that are researchable
Brief conclusion of the topic and how the article shows the application of the theory
and topic from it…and:
Article provided new paradigms that shaping nursing career and organizational
Article is a credible and reliable source of information on measures to improve
nursing practice.
References in APA 7

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