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Learning Outcomes:
1.2 Describe the simple and complex issues pertaining to public
Assignment 2
Submission Date by students: Before the end of Week11
Place of Submission: Students Grade Centre via blackboard.
Weight: 10 Marks
We expect you to answer each question as per instructions in the assignment. You
will find it useful to keep the following points in mind. The assignment with be
evaluated in terms of your planning, organization and the way you present your
assignment. All the three section will carry equal weightage
Kindly read the instruction carefully and prepare your assignment accordingly.
1) Planning: Read the assignments carefully, go through the Units on which they are
based. Make some points regarding each question and then rearrange them in a logical
2) Organisation: Be a little selective and analytical before drawing up a rough
outline of your answer. Give adequate attention to question’s introduction and
Make sure that:
a) The answer is logical and coherent
b) It has clear connections between sentences and paragraphs
c) The presentation is correct in your own expression and style.
3) Presentation: Once you are satisfied with your answer, you can write down the
final version for submission. If you so desire, you may underline the points you wish
to emphasize. Make sure that the answer is within the stipulated word limit.
Write an essay on the following topic in about 1000-1200 words.
“Human resource skill is considered a vital factor for smooth organization
change and managing organizational transformation” In the present
technological age, discuss the important constraint in the process of upgradation
of Human Resource in the organization. Also discuss how to develop
technological skills to address the business issues. (Give an example of the
organization you are aware with).
Important: You are required to present at least three scholarly journals to
support your answers.

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