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LTEA 120A Chinese Films
Chinese Cinema in Global Perspective
Spring 2022
Response Paper: Film Analysis (15%)
Please write a response paper of two pages double spaced (about 500 words in Times
New Roman 12 Font) in which you present a critical reading of one film of your choice
that we studied in this class so far. Also called a précis, this is an opportunity for you to
write a brief, clearly-focused short essay to present a well thought-out, structured
argument and analysis in concise style.
You may choose to focus on any one of the films we have covered in this course. Study
and analyze that visual text carefully, decide what you want to say about it, and then
create a close reading of the film. In your discussion, you should elucidate the subject
matter, key themes and significance of the film, as well as the literary-cinematic
technique(s) the film-maker used to create this work of visual art. It is important to
understand the historical cultural context within which the film was created, and you may
consider the impact of specific scenes and cinematic techniques upon the viewer. You
must also engage and cite at least one relevant secondary scholarly source in your
discussion of the film.
When submitting your paper, be sure to include a title page featuring your name and the
title of your paper, which should encapsulate the key focus of your analysis. You should
also include a correctly-formatted list of works cited at the end of your essay, which may
be on the third page.
Your paper will be evaluated according to five criteria:
1. The quality of your central argument in the first paragraph of your paper.
2. The quality and substance of your analytical discussion of one film. The evidence
you present in this analysis should substantiate your central argument.
3. Your engagement and citation of at least one secondary source of critical
4. The organization, structure, clarity, and style of your essay.
5. The format and correct use of citation conventions in your essay. Please use either
the MLA Manual or Style of the Chicago Manual of Style for citations. Also
include a correctly formatted list of works cited at the end of your essay.
The first response paper will be due before the end of the day (midnight) on Friday,
April 15. Please submit your paper via the assignment submission link on Canvas.

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