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Based off the information given please complete the last three parts:

( 1. Focus group implementation, 2. Key finding and common themes, 3. Important findings and recommendations)

Jahaad Crosby, Davon Colton, Justin Morales
Kean University
Marketing Research
Dr. Sucheta Ahlawat
April 18, 2022
Executive Summary
All the students in MKT 3550 participated in an online focus group discussion on
experiences and perceptions of being a student at Kean University. The multiple different focus
groups, which there were 4 of, were all asked questions about classes, their professors, advisors,
scheduling, etc. Although the focus groups were being asked about what they all been through,
the focus groups were also asked about their suggestions on the university or the marketing
program in general. Although these focus groups had a variety of different people, it seems
though that their opinions on the university are mostly the same.
Background and Purpose
Kean University is trying to find ways to better themselves as a school, to make a better
place for their students who attend. The purpose of these focus groups coming together was to
see if Kean University can make any changes to the programs or their institution in general to
accommodate all of these students and make the experience, a great one. With the focus groups
gatherings being recorded, Kean University can look through them and really listen to what their
students are saying, and after, tweak their school in any way they see possible to make all of it
better than it was before.
Focus Group Design
The way the focus groups were set up was possible by Dr. Sucheta Ahlawat, the
professor of MKT 3550. The questions the focus groups were given, were also provided by the
professor as well, for each group, there was either one or two students who were giving the
questions to ask everyone to serve as moderators, and the sessions were then recorded on top of
There were 4 focus groups, and the professor has 4 of her own classes taking this course,
the professor then separated each of the 4 classes into their own focus groups, with that, each
class had their own group which consisted of their own classmates. All the focus groups
consisted of all genders, students who were around their 20s in age, and either junior or seniors,
for the most part. These students had been in school for a while now and they do have their own
experiences and their own opinions about this certain place.
Focus Group Implementation
Key Findings and Common Themes
Important Findings and Recommendations
Question 1
● Throughout the focus groups participants have found career services, tutor services,
and professorts making their experience easier one participant said “ Career services
helped me throughout my entire internship searching process and made everything
easier for me”
● Scheduling, Advisors, and Directories have been recurring hardships. Majority of
participants have had a hard time scheduling classes due to the limited amount of seats
and even professors. One participant stated “ There was only one professor teaching a
class I needed and it was very hard for me to work it around my schedule” There has
also been a recurring problem throughout that students were not getting in touch with
their advisor. Whether it be a hold on their account or trying to schedule classes or an
appointment some struggle. Navigating through Keans Directories when trying to get in
touch with what the student needs has shown to be difficult. One student said “ It took
my Six hours to find which director I needed to talk to.”
Question 2
● Throughout the focus groups students all generally have positive support from faculty.
Most groups found professors to be extremely supportive. With academic resources
students found blackboard to be a problem and glitchy as well as offering canvas as an
alternative which in the focus group majority of students agreed.
Question 3
● MAjority of focus groups felt they have only gotten the basic view of marketing and that it
isn’t specified well enough. One student said “ I took marketing to focus on that and I find
it hard to focus on accounting type classes in contrast to my major”. Participants wanted
a more interactive program with more in depth classes. One focus group said to have
learned alot but also felt they only had the basic understandings .
Question 4
● Students found marketing programs need to be more interactive in common with
answers from question 3. A lot of students praised faculty and professors for their
enthusiasm. Majority of participants in all focus groups agreed. All throughout
participants wanted more real life hands on experience in marketing as compared to only
being in class. Professors commonly were judged on their application of real life skills
as compared to just teaching the subject among participants. Participants want more
classes available and more to be advertised being that most students don’t know about
some electives that could be beneficial in choosing their future career. FOr example, one
student said “ I didn’t even know Social Media Marketing was a class until I really looked
for it, and most people do not know about it.”
Question 5
● Participants among focus groups commonly answered that career services and
internship services have been helpful and beneficial to them. Yet one group felt as if
their wasn’t much support services for this and felt that it wasn’t advertised enough
leaving them with a bit of a mixed review. With technology a lot of students fet the
programs and software used should be reinforced more.This was common out of most of
the groups even though one student said that having to get software for classes was
Question 6
● In the focus groups majority of them felt they were not prepared to enter the business
world. One particular focus group was prepared yet they acknowledged that it “ You
learn more on the job then you will in classes” And relating to the answer from the last
question students wanted more application in softwares.
Question 7
● Among the focus groups participants wanted internships to be more mandated withing
courses as well as more internships available.Though it has proved to be helpful they
are only but few limited options within kean they students feel should expand. One focus
group believed their should be more emphasis on helping commuters with scshedules
Question 8.
● Students want more proactive advisors throughout the focus groups. One focus group
put a strong emphasis on more courses being available for marketing, as well as more to
be able to take instead of limited classes. Throughout the other questions focus groups
all want a more hands on approach to their classes, One focus group even suggested a
trip into a business to get in person experience

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