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I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Write an essay about HIPAA and the Patient Bill of Rights Act.. Visit the United States Health and Human Services website and research  HIPAA Regulations & Standards as they apply to the medical records.  Also, please see the information in your text.

1. Question: Explain how HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules benefit and  support the integrity of the healthcare industry, patient, and  physician.

The Patient Bill of Rights act was created with 3 goals in mind; to  assist patients in being more comfortable with health care delivery  systems, to develop partnerships with patients and health care  providers, and to stress important roles that patients play in staying  healthy. Please see the information in your text for additional  information.

2. Question: Name 3 areas within the Patient Bill of Rights Act that you  feel are important for health care providers/patients to abide by, and  provide an explanation as to why you feel each area you selected is  important. Consider how the rights impact a patient’s choice, consent,  and refusal for treatment

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