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Greenville City Council
March 14, 2022
6:00 PM
City Hall Council Chambers, 200 West 5th Street
Assistive listening devices are available upon request for meetings held in the Council Chambers. If an
interpreter is needed for deaf or hearing impaired citizens, please call 252-329-4422 (voice) or 252-3294060 (TDD) no later than two business days prior to the meeting.
Call Meeting To Order
Invocation – Council Member Daniels
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Approval of Agenda
Public Comment Period
The Public Comment Period is a period reserved for comments by the public. Items that were or
are scheduled to be the subject of public hearings conducted at the same meeting or another
meeting during the same week shall not be discussed. A total of 30 minutes is allocated with
each individual being allowed no more than 3 minutes. Individuals who registered with the City
Clerk to speak will speak in the order registered until the allocated 30 minutes expires. If time
remains after all persons who registered have spoken, individuals who did not register will have
an opportunity to speak until the allocated 30 minutes expires.
Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes from the December 6, 2021 City Council Workshop, February 7,
2022 City Council Workshop, February 7, 2022 City Council Meeting, and February 10,
2022 City Council Meeting
Amendment of the 2022 City Council Meeting Schedule and Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget
Public Art Recommendation for the Emerald Loop Intersection Mural at Cotanche Street
and Reade Circle
Public Art Recommendation for Sculpture to be Located at Dickinson Avenue and
Columbia Avenue
Resolution of Intent to Close a 20 foot Alley north of Dickinson Avenue, west of Moye
Boulevard, and adjoining the southern right-of-way of CLNA railroad
Resolution Authorizing the Sale of Property Located at 431 West Fifth Street by Upset Bid
Resolution Authorizing Termination of Development Agreement Between City of
Greenville and Seacoast Communities, LLC for the Imperial Tobacco Processing Plant Site
Authorization for Greenville Utilities Commission to initiate condemnation proceedings for
Easement Acquisitions for the Mt. Pleasant to Indigreen Substation Project
Amendment and Renewal of Interlocal Agreement with Pitt County for Use of Pitt
County’s 700 MHz Radio System
10. Approval of Agreement with Tyler Technologies for Support Services and Updates for
11. Approval of Agreement with Tyler Technologies for Support Services and Updates for
12. Amendment for Construction Engineering and Inspection Services on the South Tar River
Greenway Phase 3B Project
13. Approval of Task Orders #1 and #2 for professional services for Construction Engineering and
Inspection (CEI)/Construction Materials Testing (CMT)
14. Demolition and Sale of Existing Building Located at Wildwood Park
15. Request by Police Department to Utilize Asset Forfeiture Funds to Purchase Equipment
16. Various tax refunds greater than $100
VIII. New Business
17. Presentation by the North Carolina Department of Transportation on the Dickinson Avenue
Improvements Project
18. Naming of the Wildwood Park Mountain Bike Trails
19. Presentation of Draft Ordinance on Amending the Rules and Regulations Related to Bars
and Clubs
20. Budget Ordinance Amendment #8 to the 2021-22 City of Greenville Budget (Ordinance
#21-035), Engineering Capital Projects Fund (Ordinance #20-019), and Capital Projects
Funds (Ordinance #17-024)
Review of March 17, 2022, City Council Agenda
City Manager’s Report
Comments from Mayor and City Council

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