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Project 3: Proposal Project


: Your Proposal should be 3-4 pg. in length.

Due dates

: Refer to the class schedule for Peer Mark Draft and Revision dates.


: Follow MLA format and include a Works Cited page. Below the heading, include the following information:

To: (The individual/s at the business/organization who have the authority to approve your proposal)

From: (Your name)

Subject: (Proposal Title)


: The individual/s at the business/organization who have the authority to approve your proposal


: To define a problem, recommend solutions, and persuade your audience to implement the recommendations.

For this assignment, you will be writing a proposal in which you
define a problem and recommend a solution. Your goal is to persuade
your audience that your solution should be implemented. The problem
could be a campus or work-related, political, social, environmental, or
economic problem. You might be proposing a service, the purchase of
equipment, or a policy change. See Lunsford

Everyone’s an Author

pg. 391-395 for help with choosing a topic, prewriting, and organizing your ideas.

Choose a problem that is narrow enough that your proposal can be
described in some depth in 3-4 pages. For instance, “How to Solve
Poverty in America” would not be an appropriate topic; however, you
could address the issue of hungry students by proposing the
establishment of a campus food co-op. Your proposal should include the
following sections (label each section):

  1. To, From, Subject

    as described above.

  2. Definition of the Problem—

    explain the scope and significance of the problem.

  3. Solution and Recommendations—

    a detailed description
    of your solution to the problem, which could include costs, information
    from experts in the field or other interested parties, plans for
    implementation, etc.

  4. Conclusion

    —a persuasive paragraph which will explain why your proposal will solve this particular problem.

  5. Works Cited page—

    include at least 2 sources that
    provide additional support for your proposal. Sources could include
    interviews, government documents, cost information, statistics, experts
    in the field, and so on.

Here are some questions that will help you write the Proposal:

  • What is the significance of this problem? Why should the audience be concerned about this?
  • Who is the audience—Level of interest? Educational level? Familiarity with the topic? Pre-existing bias?
  • Is the language of my Proposal clear and appropriate to the purpose and audience?
  • What research information will best support my ideas? Statistics? Trend analysis? Quotations from experts?
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