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Magnetic Healing

Magnetic healing or magnetic field therapy is a newly emerging practice that rapidly integrates as a supplemental or adjunct treatment for different diseases. The magnetic healing idea is since the human body has an electromagnetic field. It is believed that magnets can affect the biological electromagnetic field to treat, recover, and heal body parts (Fontaine, 2019). Although this treatment has gained popularity among conventional and alternative health care practitioners, the scientific community and research results emphasize such a method’s insufficiency.

Patient education and awareness about magnetic healing should consist of two parts. Foremost, patients should be explained how the electromagnetic field works in the human body. While it is an integral part of biological activity, the magnetic field has little to do with diseases and pathogens (Lv et al., 2021). Care practitioners should discuss how infections or diseases affect the human body and immune system.

The second part should consider evidence-based practices related to magnetic healing and magnetic field treatment. The patients should be informed that scientific medicine does not have significant, credible, and sufficient evidence that magnets support conventional treatment practices. For instance, Jiang et al. (2021) examined how magnets can assist depression treatment. Their findings state that magnets have little or even no impact on patients.

Under these conditions, health care practitioners should comply with the ethical code and alert patients about the magnetic healing placebo effect. While patients cannot be forced to restrain any activity, care providers may consider magnets as psychological relief. The prescription of magnetic healing should be withdrawn from any treatment process. It is imperative to ensure that patient receives high-quality, timely, and efficient treatment instead of placebo or pseudo-medical assistance.

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