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Based on Fontaine (2019, p.104), Curanderismo is a healing tradition, which is usually practiced in Latin American Cultures. Most Latin Americans who live far from the urban centers practice this method of treating diseases. Fontaine (2019, p.104) states that the individuals who practice this healing tradition believe that diseases often arise due to supernatural or natural sources. The supernatural diseases include those that have either been caused by placing hex magic spell on an individual or evil spirits. In contrast, natural illnesses include diseases that arises due to infections, genetic disorders, and improper hygiene practices (Fontaine, 2019, p.104-105.

It is important to note that only the “chosen ones” who are gifted with this form of healing by God can perform this healing practice (Fontaine, 2019, p. 105). People who practice this form of cultural healing tradition are known as “Curanderas” (Fontaine, 2019, p. 105). In Latin America, the practice is passed from generation to generation; however, the method is no longer practiced largely, compared to the past when it was practiced more due to the unavailability or inaccessibility of healthcare (Fontaine, 2019, p. 105).

Modern medicine is advanced. Besides, most healthcare practices are evidence-based, meaning they are scientifically proven, hence mostly guaranteeing positive health outcomes. However, as a nurse, it is critical to respect people’s cultures, such as cultural healing practices. Healthcare is a diverse environment (Nair & Adetayo, 2019). Understanding about cultural healing practices will help me to serve and provide quality healthcare to “Curanderas.” Besides, I will be able to communicate better and understand their needs to improve the treatment process and quick recovery period.

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