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CSCE 4010
Alisa Pandey
Spring 2022
For this project, me, and my teammate Subhigya Khanal has chosen the topic “Children’s Access to the
Web”. I will be arguing that children should be allowed to use the internet. There is no doubt that it is
now easier than ever to access the internet. Young people are spending more and more time on the
internet. There are many beneficial sides to the internet which includes it’s a good learning tool, helps to
keep in contact with parents, helps develop social skills as discussions has moved online and learn new
skills without paying for expensive classes.
People should care because internet is a modern way of learning. Today world is very competitive, and
children should get always be prepared and gain as much knowledge as possible to survive in the future.
If they are excluded from internet, they will be left behind. Additionally, keeping children away from
internet is like making them practice being a cave man.

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