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Essay 3: Researched Argument
Purpose and Description
This assignment asks you to make an argument about a topic based on your academic research and
through the careful analysis and synthesis of multiple sources. This assignment is intended to build
on the work you completed in Essay 2.
Getting Started
● Revisit your research question and consider how you might present an answer to that
● Note the different perspectives represented in the conversation you have defined;
● Consider where you stand with respect to the core problem and competing perspectives;
● Draft a thesis statement in which you position yourself within the conversation based on the
research you have completed, the evidence you have gathered, and the contribution you
hope to make to the scholarly conversation.
Writing Your Essay
To craft a convincing and well-organized argument, your writing should make these moves:
● Introduce your topic and define the scope of your essay;
● Provide background on your topic in a way that will interest your scholarly audience and
establish the stakes involved in this issue;
● Use the sources you have gathered to position yourself in a scholarly conversation;
● Support your claims with evidence from your sources;
● Attempt to add to the scholarly conversation;
● Conclude your essay by reaffirming the importance of the issue and pointing toward
additional research and/or analysis that can be done to better understand and potentially act
on it.
Specific Requirements
Your essay should:
● State and develop a clear, compelling thesis;
● Situate your argument within a scholarly conversation;
● Thoughtfully integrate 6-8 sources into your argument;
● At least 3 sources need to be scholarly;
● Be coherently organized;
● Be written clearly and precisely;
● Cite sources correctly using MLA citation style;
● Include an MLA Works Cited page;
● Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of your essay;
● Be 6-9 pages long (double-spaced), not including the References page;
● Be submitted to Canvas as a Word document.

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