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: Select an organization (your work, school, or other organization to which you have access) and describe the four managerial functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. You may reference your text in describing the styles, types, and categories you observe.

kencko Managerial Roles
Different managerial roles in a start-up E-commerce organization
The majority of businesses start with one bright idea. However, it is important to
understand that for this idea to become a business there needs to be more people with different
skills involved. In 2020, we saw many businesses fail due to the pandemic but on the same scale
we saw many businesses starting up with a great revenue. The organization I chose to write about
is in the category of E-commerce where I currently work as a Member Experience Associate.
E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce which focuses on selling goods or services online
in return for a profit (Understanding Business 13th Edition, William G. Nickels, James M.
McHugh, & Susan M. McHugh, chapter 1). The company is called kencko. This is a start-up
company launched in 2017. Their mission is to help every person in the world consume more
fruits and vegetables as part of their diet. For that reason, they created instant organic smoothies
packed with 2.5 servings of fruits and vegetables. This product targets busy people who barely
have time to prepare a meal. Although this is a start-up business, the company has been growing
tremendously in the past 3 years. Consequently, they have had to hire and delegate positions and
There are different managerial roles that exist within the company that help the business
and each department run smoothly. The first one I would like to mention are the top manager. At
kencko we count we two top managers. The CEO and right hand CFO. They are responsible for
the overall direction of the organization, create context for change, a positive organizational
culture, and responsible for monitoring the business environment (MAN3025 – Administrative
management, Lesson 1 video). They are in charge of controlling and overseeing an entire
organization. Below these group, there are middle managers. There at kencko we also count with
kencko Managerial Roles
the help of middle manager to help with planning. They are in charge of implementing subunit
strategies for achieving objectives, plan and allocate subunits to meet objectives, allocate
resources, and coordinate groups. (MAN3025 – Administrative management, Lesson 1 video).
Overall they are responsible for all the planning behind the objectives of the business. As we
continue down the managerial chain, we can find the first-line managers. My current manager is
a first-line manager and these can be described as office managers, shift supervisors, and
department manager. Their responsibilities include train and supervise the performance of they
employees, teach entry level employees how to perform the job, encourage, monitor, and reward
employees performance. (MAN3025 – Administrative Management, Lesson 1 video). Lastly, there
are the team leaders. At kencko we currently don’t have team leaders at least in my department
due to the size of this one, however, I believe this could be a possible position to develop soon.
Team leaders are the ones to facilitate the team with activities towards accomplishing a goal.
Also, they help team members to work effectively with each other, and manage internal and
external relationships.
At kencko they implement all four managerial roles which include planning, organizing,
leading, and controlling in all departments. I will be focusing more in my department which is
the Member Experience Team. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best shopping
experience. There are different funnels we create for our customer’s experience. They see kencko
on facebook and instagram ads, then they click on the ad which directs them automatically to the
shop page to purchase the product. Once they complete the purchase this order passes over to our
fulfillment team which then packs the order and passes it over the courier to deliver the product.
All these funnels we created involved a lot of planning and organization. Planning offers several
important benefits: intensified effort, persistence, direction, and creation of task strategies.
kencko Managerial Roles
(MindTap – Benefits of planning , Chapter 5) Our manager is responsible for creating charts
along with the fulfillment team regarding how many orders they will be working on for the day.
This information is valuable to us in the Member experience department because we are the first
point of contact to members if they wish to make any changes to their recent order, therefore, we
need to know the current status. Although the plan consists in having all orders successfully
completed for the day, we know that planning is not always accurate and that things happen.
However, here it comes into place why organizational skills complement the planning.
According to strategic reference point theory, managers choose between two basic alternative
strategies. They can choose a conservative, risk-avoiding strategy that aims to protect an existing
competitive advantage. Or they can choose an aggressive, risk-seeking strategy that aims to
extend or create a sustainable competitive advantage. (MindTap – Choosing strategic alternative,
Chapter 6) I’ve noticed that at kencko, because of the type of business and their competitors they
usually choose an aggressive risk-seeking strategy, where most of the times the company ends up
losing money however, they are winning more customers and exposure. As a new company, I
believe it is worth losing money to win customers which can potentially turn into lifetime buyers.
This type of model is mostly seen in the entrepreneurial world. Starting from the bottom will
always require somes risks to be able to go up the ladder and be known as a brand. Retracting to
my initial point. Retracting to my previous point, kencko is technically a new company which is
still in the growing phase, for that reason, I would say planning strategies are not always stable.
The company has it’s long-term goals. However, it is still using the trial-error mechanism to see
which planning and organizational strategy best works for them to achieve these goals. Some of
the issues that the company has been chasing are with the supply chain, like many other
businesses, they have run out of ingredients needed for the production of the smoothies. As a
kencko Managerial Roles
consequence, this affects all areas of the business because less product is available for sale, we
get angry customers, and the revenue of the business goes down. Unfortunately, this is something
that is out of their control as they depend of the supplier but it could be avoided if they counted
with different suppliers to provide them with the same product at the same costs.

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