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Table Settings
Going to restaurants is one of the best experiences in life. While people can still
cook and prepare different meals in their homes, having a better experience by
sharing a table in the restaurant is a fantastic experience. Sitting down with those
you love is one of the best times in life. For a very short time, one can forget some
of the problems in life (Ei, 2020). Different countries, regions, and even families
have different table settings. Sometimes, the experience may be devastating due to
.mistakes and uneasiness
While I visited a restaurant the table arrangement was not friendly, sharing
the table with other counterparts made the experience unpleasant. I did not enjoy
it as I had the worst dessert ever; the problem ’my fish filets. The experience wasn
is associated with the table arrangements. While I was upset, the people around me
took no notice, happy and laughing at my assessment of the lack of table manners;
however, it was a normal day like any other day (Zwierciadlowska-Rhymer, 2022).
In my hometown, basic table manners like chewing while mouth closed, holding
utensils correctly, and using a napkin are one of the basic characteristics in a
simple table setting. However, there are various table settings in different countries
.and regions
In France, table settings are associated with the environment. One has to
ensure that the place is clean, with no dust, as the sole purpose is to enjoy the
experience. To make the table settings have a better experience, you should
consider lighting candles of different colors. In addition, France uses a double
tablecloth, thick cotton; this provides comfort to table users or those dining.
However, the table clothes are chosen depending on time and seasons (Ei, 2020).
The number of people will determine the sitting arrangements; however, the
distance apart should be 60-80 centimeters. The table should contain napkins, with
.glasses at the top of the spoons and knives
In America, the table settings are very formal, unlike in French, where a meal is a
friendly time. The informal definition of table settings is a dinner plate, napkin,
fork, knife, and water glass with the fork placed at the top of the table cloth. In
s settings are informal. The settings table ’English, just like in France, the table
clothing, spoon, and napkins. Food is placed at the center of the table. Each family
member is allowed to take food from the middle of the
table. In England, the most noticeable tools are plate, fork, knife, spoon, glass,
and napkin
Ei, N. N. (2020). A Comparative Study of the French and Myanmar Table Manners (Doctoral
.dissertation, MERAL Portal)
.Zwierciadlowska-Rhymer, J. (2022). Table manners
Dishware plays a crucial role in ensuring a pleasant eating experience. As a result, people
utilize various types of dishware when hosting multiple events and gatherings. Having a fantastic
set of dishware that elevates the dining table to the next level is a crucial facet of throwing a
wonderful dinner party. Selecting the perfect set of dishware, on the other hand, is a difficult
task. That is why individuals must be aware of the many varieties of dishware to use them
According to my observations of white porcelain dinnerware in many local and
s simple and elegant design adds a refined ’international restaurants, most of them utilize it. It
touch to the dining table. Furthermore, porcelain dishware has an attractive and delicate aesthetic
that perfectly fits any setting, from casual to sophisticated dining. In my opinion, this dishware
style provides a visually beautiful backdrop while not detracting from your plated masterpieces,
making it a top choice in dining services. However, theme-based modern casual restaurants use
.more sophisticated dishware to fit the scene
There is a wide range of dishware on the market that can be used to match various dining
situations. Employing various types of dishware has also been a part of the culture in different
nations, so it is something that everyone around the world considers when it comes to giving a
.flawless and unforgettable dining environment
Ceramics such as China, stoneware, and earthenware all come from taking a raw material
and purifying it by fire. Before deciding which kind of pottery is best for your eating needs, there
are a few distinctions to be aware of. Earthenware may be right for you if you’re searching for
something that takes the rustic vibe of naturally made stoneware to the next level. This type of
dishware is more permeable and grittier in texture. As a result, pottery has traditionally been
Melamine may be more of your speed if you seek ordinary dishware devoid of pretense
or additional agendas. Melamine plates are practical, adaptable, and may be embellished with
They are, however, not without debate. Some .)Parzer et al., 2018( various patterns and designs
fear utilizing these plates could be dangerous, especially for children. While the FDA has stated
that melamine dishes are typically safe to use, they warn that this may not be the case in
.particular culinary situations, such as when using it to microwave something highly acidic
The majority of the material I acquired from various sources, such as articles and videos
on the internet, conveys the same idea about the many types of dishware commonly used. After
comparing the information acquired from these many sources, I’ve concluded that ceramic is the
most popular and best option of dinnerware used in various countries for both regular and special
Haller, M. (2018, October). & … ,.Parzer, P., Perteneder, F., Probst, K., Rendl, C., Leong, J., Schuetz, S
Resi: A highly flexible, pressure-sensitive, imperceptible textile interface based on resistive
Proceedings of the 31st Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and yarns. In
.)pp. 745-756( Technology
Due: before 11:59 pm on Sunday, end of Week 14.
Submission Information: You can use PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides,
Microsoft Word, Adobe products, etc. to write and/or present your
Over this course you will have collected ideas and information to assist with
the creation of your Fantasy Dinner Party. This assignment is to create your
Fantasy Dinner Party. Explain every detail, even the way that I will arrive! See
below for a few pieces of information you need to include or provide details
Details and Instructions
Remember to use your imagination, include details and descriptions to assist
me in understanding your event, and don’t forget to tell me the reasons
behind your choices.
1. Theme – What will be the theme for your dinner party? Why?
o Who: Guest List: Who will you invite to your party? How many
will you invite? What will the guest list look like for your party
(will they all be wearing green)? Why? Include the reasons for
your choices
o Where: Where will your event take place? Why did you choose
this place?
o What: What will the guests eat, drink, do they need to bring
something with them? What colour is the tablecloth and what is
the décor like? “Sight and Sound” Etc etc. etc.
o How: Will you invite your guests? How will the event unfold?
o Canadian Content – I would like you to include a Canadian
element! What do you plan to include in your dinner party (for
instance food, historic person or place, a Canadian value)
o International Etiquette – During the International Investigation
Assignment you discovered new and different customs and
cultures around dining in different countries. What international
element will you include in your dinner party plan? Why?
Remember: Select any country you like, except the UK (England,
Ireland, Scotland, and Wales), Canada, Australia, New Zealand,
and the USA
2. At Your Table Provide specific details (approximately three to five
sentences each) about these elements and how they relate to the
dinner party you are planning:
o Conversation and behaviour
o Cutlery
o Dishware
o Settings
o Service
o Occasions
3. Rules: What rules of etiquette will your dinner party have? Create a list
of ten (10) to fifteen (15) rules of etiquette. Each rule must connect
with your type of party and link to at least one of the items you have
described for Section 2 At Your Table.
4. Sources – Where did you get the information you used to help you
define the etiquette for your party?
o What relevant, reliable, and credible sources did you use?
o Use APA reference format, or the table below, to provide specific
information about your resources.
What is the name of the
resource’s author or
What is the title of the book,
magazine, or website the
resource comes from?
What is the publication
date of the resource?
What are the issue and
volume numbers
(magazine), and page
numbers for the
What is this resource about and why is it credible?
What is the title of the
What is the URL and path for
your (online) resource?
Please remember you are looking to create a descriptive assignment, so
don’t forget to use pictures and vivid words to assist you in painting a picture
of your dinner party.
Remember to ensure all the items weave together to make a complete
illustration of your event and that all the items make sense within your
theme, choice of venue, etc…
I am so looking forward to attending your Fantasy Dinner Party and finding
out what outfit I need, what I am going to eat and experience and where I am
Put your imagination to work and produce the most unexpected and
enjoyable experience!
International Investigation
1. Country: Mexico
a. I chose Mexico. The Aztecs and Mayas, as well as European colonization, have all made
their influence on Mexico’s rich culture, which is why I chose it as my destination. It’s one of the
world’s most fascinating and distinctive cultures. The cultural traditions and practices of Mexico
are diverse.
b. I chose Mexico City because since I was little I have seen soap operas and I loved them. This
drew me to this city and learning more of what it entails. Their food is enticing and have tasted
their unique recipes in some of the restaurants and it was amazing.
2. Sources
[1] Chimu Blog. The Culture and Customs of Mexico. Chimu Adventures. Retrieved on March 6,
2017 from’s%20culture%20is%20 rich%2C%20
Chimu Adventures is a young, energetic, and socially conscious organization. They were
established in 2004 and are an Australian-owned firm that provides clients of all ages with fully
customizable, guaranteed itineraries to Latin America and cruises to Antarctica. For every
journey, they’re always looking for new homes, routes, activities, and ways to get there.
Individuals, couples, families, business travelers, and special interest groups of all ages are all
catered to by these establishments. The ‘Latin America and Antarctica Specialists,’ as they like
to call themselves, decided to start a blog about Mexican culture.
[2] ABC-CLIO. Food Culture in Mexico. E-book website. Retrieved on January, 2005 from,the%20basi
One of the world’s leading publishers of academic resources for students, educators and
librarians, ABC-CLIO has been recognized for its innovative approach to tackling today’s difficult
issues. ABC-CLIO has been an online website for about 65years. They sell E-books online. A
wide range of peoples are included in their database coverage; this includes those who have
been traditionally underrepresented.
[3] Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant. Mexican Dining Etiquette; Buen Provecho (Enjoy Your Meal) &
Other Unique Eating Traditions. Dinning etiquette. Retrieved on March 6, 2019 from
Mexican Restaurant and Cantina owned and operated by a Mexican Family, Eddie’s Mexican
Restaurant. Since the family is Mexican and understand the traditions and etiquettes of Mexican
food then they are the best to show such kind of information.
Dinner table in Mexico
Mesoamerican and European colonization have all had a profound effect on the vibrant culture
of Mexico [1]. In the 19th Century the dining room is a wonder of luxury in Mexico City, but we’re
talking about the typical well-off Mexican and the casa. This investigation shows the Mexican
dining etiquette majorly focusing on Mexico City[2].
Conversation and behavior
The fork and knife should be held in the left and right hands, respectively. When you’re working,
try to keep your hands off the table. Instead of laying your hands on the floor, try resting them
on a table (never your elbows). When dining out with friends, coworkers, or clients, Mexicans
are more likely to pay for their own meals. Greeting your fellow diners with “buen provecho!”
before you begin dining is typical, and is normally done by the host. Generally speaking, it
implies to have pleasure in what you are eating [3]. In many nations, including our own, it is
standard table etiquette to wait until everyone has been served before beginning to eat [3].
You should use utensils when eating out, especially if you’re getting finger foods like tacos or
tortas, which you may eat with your hands. [3]. Due to the Mexican custom of not switching
knives and forks, both knives and forks remain in their respective hands while eating [3].
The Mexican dishware is colorful with a floral design. Spanish guild artisans brought Talavera to
Mexico during colonial times. Puebla Talavera de la Reina, a 16th-century Spanish pottery
town, is the inspiration for Mexican Talavera, which is known as “majolica” in Spain because of
its innovative designs.
Settings and service
Mexican table decorations are vivid and energetic, just like the regional variances in the
country’s national food. Traditional table linens, such as table runner, placemat and napkin, can
be used for formal and informal dinners. Brightly colored banners called Papel Picao are draped
from the ceiling to represent Mexican culture. The centerpiece of the dining table is nearly
always a sprinkling of lit candles and a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Place setting etiquette in
the dining room. If you’re having dessert, use the fork and spoon that sit atop your plate to eat it.
Always begin on the exterior and gradually work your way inside. Water, white and red wine, or
beer, will be served in individual glasses at your table setting (after-dinner drink glasses come
out after dinner). Eat your bread in style. To serve, arrange a loaf of bread either around the
edge of the main plate or just next to it on the table. As at more formal meals, the guest of honor
is seated immediately in line with and in line with the host’s seat. You are required to always
keep your hands above the table, even if you are not using utensils at the time. Using your
phone under the table while sitting at a table is not permitted. Rest your wrists on the table
instead of your elbows, and avoid slouching in your chair.
Additional Dinner etiquette information.
• It’s best to wait until your host takes his or her first bite before starting to eat, but if you’re
having supper at your home, you can start eating right away.
• As you near the end of your meal, be sure to leave some food on your plate. Especially if
you’re having supper at home, it’s rude to eat everything on your plate.

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