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TOM 3010 ASSIGNMENT A ( Do assignment A or B ) Paper on Manufacturing

The automotive industry segment of the US economy is a major employer and a big contributor of the

US Gross National Product. There many other industries in manufacturing sector like aircraft, jet

engines, equipment, steel agribusiness, consumer electronics to name a few.

In the last few decades, this industry has seen its fortunes decline, its market share dwindle and

employment prospects worsen. During the same period of time, imports from Japan, Europe, and Korea

have gained market share and sales volumes. ( Comment on supply chain issues since 2020 )

This can be explained from the standpoint of strategies and tactics adopted by major automakers from

these countries. Global strategies including building multinational plants for styling, design and

manufacturing have defined these auto makers which has resulted in spectacular successes and failures

for these auto makers.

Perform a critical analysis of the strategies and tactics adopted by these auto makers and make a

convincing case for the results achieved by these companies. Your choice of two automakers or

manufacturing companies is from the following (not limited to only these) list: GM, Ford, Daimler

Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Tesla. Other manufacturing industries include Caterpillar,

Komatsu, Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, United Technologies, Otis Elevator, English Electric, Samsung,

Apple etc. Comment on how manufacturing industry has coped with events of last year ( 2020)

Your analysis should cover distinctive competencies, order qualifiers, and order winners for the two

candidates of your choice. Your analysis should cover marketing, operations, pricing, product quality,

product differentiation and customer satisfaction issues.

Material for this report can be found in the library and or well known web site articles. Sources for

reference are (but not limited to)

– Quality Progress

– American Machinist

– Manufacturing Systems

– Industrial Engineer

– Manufacturing Automation

– Harvard Business Review

– Information Age

– Business Week

– Industry Week

– Modern Machine Shop

– Materials Handling Engineering

– The Performance Advantage ( APICS Publication)

This is an individual assignment ( 10 to 15 pages ) and this is due on the last day of class ( not finals )

Please refer to syllabus for more details on the paper (Due Last day of class)

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