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PSY Norms of Practice for Online Discussion

The norms below help define what acceptable behavior looks like in your discussions. These norms are

established to strengthen communication among you and your peers, as well as feelings of safety.

In each discussion, please practice the following:

ï‚· Provide thoughtful commentary and participation to the community.

ï‚· Help peers, through advocacy and communication, to promote equity and fairness.

ï‚· Respect diversity.
o Refrain from name calling.
o Do not criticize individuals or groups, but don’t be afraid to note non-inclusive ideas.
o Be open and considerate of others and their perspectives.

ï‚· Acknowledge bias.
o Consider your background and experiences and how they may differ from the

experiences of others.
o Consider sources of research.

ï‚· Acknowledge peer contributions to the learning community.
o Summarize and quote others within the community.

ï‚· Politely challenge others, with the goal of facilitating growth.

ï‚· Maintain academic ethics.

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