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Module 1 Discussion

In this module material, the Agile Project Management (APM) delivery approach is detailed for each phase. In this approach, how does APM differ from the Waterfall Approach? Could you formulate an approach where these two frameworks could be integrated?

Module 2 Discussion

In this discussion explore the following questions:

1. What techniques can facilitate introduction of a high trust and ownership environment for project implementation?

2. What are the ways to obtain senior executive support for migration towards an agile environment?

When you give examples of organizations that have moved successfully towards agile, include the problems these organizations faced and what corrective actions were taken.

Module 3 Discussion

Agile values and principles can be adapted to personal development as well. Consider the following 
Guide to Personal Agility
. Research related sources and reflect on issues such as:

· “I have more things to do than time to do them, I need to decide what to do and what not to do”

· “I need to only do important things that add value”

Identify how agile values can come into play for you? Your family? Your education/career path? Your passion or goal?  Your local town issues? Your church?  Be specific about an issue or challenge and recommend how the core agile principles can resolve problems.

Example – “I don’t have enough time for “x, y, z” on my plate, more over by 2025 I hope to have accomplished goal “g”.

How can agile based approach solve this problem?

Module 4 Discussion

In the explore phase, you need to foster team collaboration. Easier said than accomplished. This discussion has two parts:

Part 1: Look in the literature and comment on:

· How have agile theorists advocated to build collaboration?

· What are the impediments?

Part 2: Look at your current or past organization:

· In what ways can you employ these collaboration methods?

· What obstacles do you foresee?

Module 5 Discussion

Select a chapter or preferably a section of a chapter from the following:

· Sutherland, J. (2014). Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. Doubleday Religious. ISBN 9780385346450. 

Indicate your topic of interest, indicate why you are motivated to research this topic further.

Example: Chapter 3 – Teams in Sutherland because I’ve seen projects fail due to poor communication.

Note 1: You will be expanding this topic and writing a brief research abstract of 500 words or one page in the Final Exam. So this discussion provides us an opportunity to guide you at the early stage.

Module 6 Discussion

There is a need for governance even in the agile world. The process of governance can sometimes be thought of as unneeded overhead.

This week the discussion is optional. For extra credit, review the governance literature for agile projects and share in your discussion post the adoption rate of governance in a larger company. Identify if the company encountered impediments in the adoption and how they resolved these impediments.

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