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This week’s reading was an academic reference article on the nature of privacy.

In one page single spaced, reflect on the various definitions of privacy, what can be said in favor or against a few of them, and the moral status of privacy.

Academic reference articles are not intended to present argument for a specific thesis, but rather to introduce you to a variety of views on an issue and provide a guide to literature on these views. If you are interested in privacy and choose to do research on a privacy related topic, some of the authors and works cited in this article will likely be useful in developing your argument.

A seminar paper is not a research paper. You should not be citing any sources besides the assigned reading. The seminar paper will just be your own short explanation of the key arguments and points from the reading. Think of this as a cleaned-up version of your notes on the reading. A seminar paper is what you would write up for yourself in preparation for contributing to a seminar, a conversation about a reading. In our case, the seminar will be our weekly discussion board.



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