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This is a graded discussion: 30 points possible

due May 14

Discussion 1
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What is the Treaty of Westphalia? Do you think it is relevant

today? How do you think it illuminates our understanding of the

ongoing war in Ukraine?

(You must address all parts of the prompt.)

Required material for this Discussion:

1. Book Chapters 1 and 2










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Assignment Details:

Your initial posting should be two paragraphs long and 200-250 words

(10 more words fine), excluding citations and references. It should

present your compelling response to the above prompt and provide

strong evidence from the sources listed above to support your position.

You should then make at least one posting, 100-150 words, that engage

your peers’ ideas/arguments.

Part I: Initial Post worth 20 points

Write an original post (similar to a short essay) with at least two

paragraphs that include sources and proper APA or Chicago or MLA

citations and references.

*You must post the initial essay by Thursday. Penalty of 10% for

late initial posts.

Part II: Follow up posts worth 10 points

Write at least one substantive posts which must be a compelling

response to one of your peers’ (initial) posts. It MUST be a substantive

reply (remember, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your

understanding of the material and earn the highest grade possible).

Do not just write laudatory responses to your peers, challenge them

and their arguments….move the discussion forward

*No postings will be accepted after the deadline, Saturday, 11:59


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A Few Words of Advice…

Your argument should not be based on unfounded, preconceived

beliefs. Statements that start with or include “I believe that…” are only

valid to the extent that they are followed and supported by well-cited,

compelling evidence from reliable sources.

As with the other discussions in this class, your personal opinion on

the issue at hand does not matter for grading purposes. (Our

grading is not influenced by your political leanings). The point of this

discussion is to think about the (above) prompt and argue your point in

a thoughtful manner, using evidence to support your position and/or to

argue against your peers’ position(s).

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