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CMGTCB/582 – Security and Ethics – Compt-1 Assessment 2

Information Security Memo

To: CEO Vampire Legends Organization

From: The acting CIO

Date: 21st April 2022

Subject: Information Security and Ethics

Role of the Memo

The memo provides a specific update of the critical analysis of information security and its

components in the Vampire Legends case. The same memorandum also updates on the ethical role

of Vampire Legends under the simulation aspect and how ethics stimulate the organization’s


Part 1

Components of Information Security

The breakdown of the Budget is as follows:

In Million Dollars ($)

Category of


Strategy A Strategy B Strategy C

Marketing 6 3 4

IT 1 3 2

DRM 2 2 2

Salary 1 2 2

Bill Glassen
good job on the budget

CMGTCB/582 – Security and Ethics – Compt-1 Assessment 3

Total 10 10 10

The components of security are essential factors in ensuring the safety of data. The

categories are specific to each unique function. The expense category has different parts. The

marketing campaign also interrelates with the Ancient Age of the Vampires. The category of IT

expenses has a meaningful allocation to finance operations. The Digital Rights Management and

Salary increases are the categories that focus on the wellness of client and staff welfare,


There are three allocation strategies. Strategy, A, B, and C. The three strategies have a total

of 10 million dollars. Maximization of marketing is strategy A ($ 6 Million). The maximization is

at the expense of a low budget for IT expenses and Salary Increases. The second strategy is

strategy B which maximizes the IT allocation ($ 3 million) with the same distribution to marketing.

Digital Rights Management and Salary Increase also maintain a constant $2 million each. The third

strategy is strategy C which maximizes the marketing allocation and lies between strategies A and


Choice of Suitable Strategy

The strategy of choice is strategy B. The strategy maximizes IT at $3 million, which is part

of increasing security measures. The strategy allows the use and purchase of sophisticated IT

equipment and addresses key security threats. It also distributes the standard amount of the budget

to marketing ($3 million), which is essential to financing the organization’s marketing operations.

The other essential factor for choosing the strategy is the need to reduce turnover rates in the

organization and simultaneously raise the salaries in the organization. The other essence of

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Nice job on the details of the reasoning

CMGTCB/582 – Security and Ethics – Compt-1 Assessment 4

choosing strategy B is the dynamic and the technological world and, therefore, the need to address

the upcoming issues (Federal Trade Commission – Annual Highligts 2020, 2021). It also addresses

the ethical issues due to the ability to avoid salary cuts down and altering the welfare of the

organization’s employees.

Choice of the Best Advertising Campaign

The available campaign strategies are as follows:

1. Testimonial from Robert Pattinson (Vampire from the Twilight Saga)

2. Leaking information to bloggers about which celebrities are playing.

3. Thirty-Day free trial.

The best option for the organization is the 3rd choice which is a Thirty-Day free trial. The

option is the best as an incentive. It entails providing services for thirty days and then afterward

billing and payment. It is part of increasing the sales in the organization. The Thirty-Day free trial

also enables the customers to have the appropriate information and terms of use and operations.

There is also a sense of security and assurance. The customers can access the security protocols

and the other safety details. The hallmark of the best course of action is to allow the customers to

make informed decisions regarding their choice of the products without compromising on their


The course of Action in Handling Information Security Threats.

The course of action addresses security issues like breeches, hacking, mishaps, and others

that need to be addressed to safeguard the future. Information security is essential for the

organization and the customer (Federal Trade Commission – Annual Highligts 2020, 2021). The

following are the course of action in ensuring security for the organization and the customer:

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Good reasoning

CMGTCB/582 – Security and Ethics – Compt-1 Assessment 5

ï‚· Risk assessment. It helps detect vulnerabilities, threats, and negative impacts that would

harm the organization’s business operations.

ï‚· Employees are trained on the issues of cyber security and reporting protocols. The

employees need to report any suspicious activity.

ï‚· Training of experts to address cyber-crime is in place. The training is key to increasing the

organizational confidentiality of the operations.

ï‚· Use security features and details like biometrics and personal identifications and specific

passwords among the employees.

Part 2

Role of Ethics in Vampire Legends Simulation Conflict

The Phishing Scam is the conflict in the scenario. A phishing scam is an email that looks

real and legit from a company, specifically a bank. The email prompts the person to log in to the

personal account to prevent access restrictions. It requested the login details of the individual

intending to obtain the data. The scam aims to hack the information of the clients. It also affects the

company a great deal. The scam also targeted celebrities, intending to blackmail them and leak

personal information to the public.

Consequences of the Conflict

The conflict affects the organization a great deal and affects operations. Phishing also

exposes the clients to the vulnerability of theft. Jama is the specific phishing that obtained the

security information. It is also possible for phishing to blackmail celebrities in the gaming arena

and expose personal details to the public, thus breaching privacy. The conflict also affects the

customer’s trust in the level of the security of the organization.

Bill Glassen
The conflict was the discussion on how to handle the breach from within the company and whether to be transparent regarding the disclosure of customer information or to keep it secret.

CMGTCB/582 – Security and Ethics – Compt-1 Assessment 6

Solution of the Conflict

ï‚· The first step was to notify the managerial members of the breach in the security.

ï‚· Police notification on the phishing scam to ensure adherence to the law requirements and

avoid unnecessary legal actions against the organization.

ï‚· Client notification to change credentials and login details due to breach in the security

features and need to increase data security protection.

ï‚· The media report the information to ensure transparency rather than hiding information. It

also promotes client and public satisfaction at large.

ï‚· Game stoppage for a short period to restore security features and safety, specifically

encrypting information.

ï‚· Provision of an actual guarantee to each customer affected by the phishing scam received

an extended free protection identity of 1 year.

The long-term measures include the following: Improvement of the antivirus, use of

passwords in all the logins, spam and web filters installations to prevent phishing data, update of

the systems to the latest versions of the security features, encryption of sensitive information, and

education of the employees on data security specifically phishing.

Impact of Ethics on Revenue

Ethics in the organization have a positive and negative impact on revenue. Good ethics

maintains the commitment of the stakeholders and other financial partners and also promotes the

customers’ loyalty, therefore, ensuring a positive revenue path (,

2021). It is also part of the motivation to work for the organization and achieve financial goals

promptly. Good identity from the ethical perspective also ensures the satisfaction of all the

CMGTCB/582 – Security and Ethics – Compt-1 Assessment 7

financial parties, therefore improving the revenue trend. Poor ethical aspects in an organization

drive to the negative side and undesired consequences. The organization is likely to collapse due to

the inability to combine and interrelate well personal and professional ethics. Lack of morals in the

organization is the cause of revenue loss. It is the role of the organizational management to identify

the factor affecting the organization’s performance and address them promptly.

(2021). Federal Trade Commission – Annual Highligts 2020.

2020/enforcement. (2021, Feb 16). Retrieved from

Bill Glassen
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