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Michael Valenzuela

This is a tough one. Conflict resolution and problem solving is definitely one of the most challenging areas of leadership. There are so many things to consider but if you don’t act quick as a leader, things can get out of hand. To give you an example, lately we’ve been having young sailors who get frustrated with being on watch for four hours. So they go straight to their Chain of command. I think it’s odd and I don’t understand it but this is conflict that we need to resolve.

I don’t like conflict, it can become exhausting for me. Like everyone else in this class, we’ve all been in a cut throat environment. There are some people who just wants to argue for the sake of it or so they can have a better evaluation. It’s like being in an episode of one of those cut throat reality TV shows where people are just trying to eliminate each other.

It is important to start with ourselves. I don’t date any lady that I work with even though I am extremely attracted to them. I don’t allow coworkers blatantly “hitting” on the females we work with. I consider them my own children. Of course, if they do fall in love or date each other, I brace myself for the bad break up at work and now the whole team has to suffer through this drama. At this point I make sure that there is no siding with one person in the team.

I also check myself for favoritism, checking if my decisions are biased or not. Keep a rotating system so people don’t think that you are showing favoritism.

If any of these don’t work, I refer to what we just talked about in this week’s class particularly the “Interpersonal KSAS”. Conflict resolution is important so, sitting down with the people involved, giving them resources to talk to so they can either report these issues higher if they wanted to. Collaborative problem solving, or for us in the military, giving the problem to the Chain of command who is the lowest level possible. Getting the higher ups involved tends to escalate the issue.

It’s important to note that having a great team is a gem to keep and cherish. Once you have a team that wants to work and is dedicated to the goals, we need to take care of them. We may not get another team like this again.

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Mandisa Jones

Hello Class & Professor,

According to Johnson and Johnson (2009), teams function as either conflict-negative or conflict-positive. Human relations is the relationship with or between people, particularly in a workplace or professional setting. It’s important that Human relations play a pivotal role with job satisfaction, culture, and employee productivity. It’s important that management communicates the do’s and don’ts in daily Human relations. Often times employees don’t understand tasks until management creates an open dialogue which will further help an employee improve human relations. It’s important that management communicates clear expectations and also include employees on ways to improve as well. Clear dialogue is important because it helps management and the team engage more effectively and it also allows employees to feel appreciated and valued. Employees always want to feel appreciated and valued because that will guarantee an employee’s loyalty and trust. Promoting work- life balance is another way to motivate your team, because when a employee knows they have a vacation coming up they feel joyful and a motivated to go harder no matter what challenges come there way. Human relations work hand in hand and it further improves communication and it tightens collaboration throughout employee teams. Communication is essential in every aspect of an organization’s teams Communication must be improved and worked on with management. When employees are shown how to effectively engage and communicate amongst their peers, it helps improve human relations.

At work as a leader my goal is to develop strong individuals and invest in their development so they can be as strong as their leader. A strong point is when an employee is shown emotional intelligence we can lower stress levels and also lessen emotional reactivity. Our goal as leaders is to help achieve better and stronger ways for employees to be successful.

Have a good week,

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