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The initial post must include responses to all the questions in this discussion. 

JL, a 50-year-old woman, was camping with her 3 children and spouse, fell and broke the left tibia at the ankle. She is in the emergency department, waiting for the fracture to be immobilized. The leg hurts and she note that the ankle is swelling. A diagnosis of a simple fracture and sprain (damage to ligaments) is made.

Discussion Questions

1. What is the cause of pain and swelling? What can JL expect in the days to come as inflammation resolves and healing begins?

2. What is the rationale for immobilizing the fractured bone?

JL’s son Matt, age 10 years, has a runny nose and itchy eyes and is irritable. The camping tent was set up in a grassy field, and the boys played several games on the field. Matt is also seen by a health care provider and a diagnosis of allergy to pollen is made.

Explain the rationale for each of Matt’s symptoms.

1. Identify the type of immune response involved. 

2. Discuss what Matt can expect in the future. 

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