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Overview_Task Project

Entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) represent the data portion of a cloud-based database. This is why ERDs are often used as a tool to communicate how information is stored in a database. Being able to describe what goes into a specific database (entities, attributes, and relationships) ensures that you end up creating a cloud database that actually supports organizational operations. You want to avoid creating a database that stores irrelevant data.

For the purposes of this assignment, imagine that you are a solutions architect at a start-up organization, Your Online Database Architecture for Education (YODAE). To provide some context, YODAE is an educational technology company that is quickly growing and scaling its services. Its cloud solutions are used by teachers, educators, and administrators in the K–12 education industry. In order to implement a cloud-based system that meets YODAE’s clients’ needs (in this case, schools), you will design the cloud database.


For this activity, you will create an ERD that will represent student-information and teacher-information data. To successfully complete this activity, you will need to:

Review the 
YODAE Business Case
(on File): Review the business case document to gain a better understanding of YODAE, and of how your cloud solution will meet its organizational needs and operations.

Create an Entity Relationship Diagram: As part of the design of the cloud-based database, create an ERD to show the architecture of the cloud database system. To create your ERD, refer to this example (on File) that already includes some components of your diagram. You must add to this diagram by including the following components:

· All of the appropriate entities: What are the entities that need to be included in the ERD that are described in the business scenario?

· All of the appropriate attributes: What are at least five attributes for each entity?

· Necessary relationships: How will the relationships between the entities be accurately presented in the diagram?

Explain Your ERD: Write 2 to 5 paragraphs about how your diagram meets the needs of YODAE and its clients. You are required to provide a brief explanation about the entities, attributes, and relationships depicted in your diagram.

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