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Research Topic discussion

Here are a few tips for topic selection:

· Do seek a philosophically interesting topic. One that applies ethical thought to arguing for IT policies that are fair and just would be good.

· Avoid “how to” papers, as in how to secure your personal information. Such topics don’t engage ethical theory but just concern personal interests. 

Here are some topics students have written on to good effect in the past:

· data mining: users as product

· cell phone GPS tracking

· employee workstation monitoring

· Intellectual property rights and music/video pirating

· workplace automation: utopia or dystopia for humans?

· Government surveillance: the Patriot Act and more current policy

· Corporate responsibility and data breaches: prevention and response (I hope someone writes about Equifax)

· Facebook and Fake News

· Digital personal assistants, convenience or dependence

· Artificial intelligence and predictive policing

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