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ARTS 1A: Group Analysis 5

Objects in our lives

Let’s explore the still life subject type, where a range of inanimate objects receive attention from

Consider Rebecca Scott’s oil painting, Oh, it’s a perfect day (2005).

Address one—or both—of the following questions in your discussion post:

1. Examine the range of color used by this oil painter to represent objects on a table. She
paints things that our eyes would normally register as white, clear, or reflective—the
formal table linens, glassware, and silverware—in almost every color but white. Why do
you think she chose so many different colors to paint these objects?

2. Carefully consider the title of this work in relation to details within this painting. Why

might Rebecca Scott call this work, Oh, it’s a perfect day? Without the title, does the
painting itself reveal a perfect day? Why? Or why not?

* * *

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