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Module 4This case assignment is a bit different from many in that a good portion of the background reading topic is up to you. Since a good portion of this module deals with how to access library documents and integrate your findings into an essay, you are instructed to do the following:Select a topic that you find interesting. It could be related to your degree pursuits, your job, or something that interests you in general. Go into the library link and find an article in the Proquest data base and an article in the EBSCO web data base related to the topic you selected. Also also search for a related article using a commonly available search engine such as Google or Yahoo. In a 2 – 3 page essay discuss the following:1. Integrate the three articles into an overall discussion of the topic describing what you learned from the three articles. Which article did you find more informative and why?2. Discuss and describe the kind of articles or web pages provided by the three search engines. Did the search engine provide peer reviewed articles? …Newspaper articles? …Governmental sources? …Other?3. In which situations would you find each of the search engines most useful?Assignment Expectations:Your essay should be 2-3 pages in length and written using APA formatting style.You should properly cite and reference the background sources you discuss. Submit your completed case assignment essay.SLPIn this assignment you are asked to put on the hat of the Trident Administrator who is charged with the responsibility of helping prospective students to understand what Trident University International is all about, and is responsible for assuring prospective students have access to the information they need to make an informed choice in relation to earning a degree at Trident University. Your task at hand is to critically evaluate the usefulness of Trident University International’s web pages and the other resources that are available to prospective students. In a 1-2 page essay, describe what you believe to be most useful to new and prospective students in relation to web resources and other services provided to this group of individuals, and also comment on areas where you think Trident U. can improve.Assignment Expectations:Your essay should be 1-2 pages in length and written using APA formatting style.You should do your best to properly cite and reference the background sources you discuss.Submit your completed case assignment essay.

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