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Water Resource PlanSelect and complete one of the following assignments:Option 1: Water Resource Plan Declining Fish StockOption 2: Water Resource Plan Freshwater ResourcesOption 3: Water Resource Plan TableOption 4: Water Resource Plan Public Service AnnouncementOption 1:Water Resource Plan Declining Fish StockAs a retired fisherman, you appreciate the balance between man and nature. You recently viewed a newscast about declining fish stock in our oceans and have identified a plan that fishermen and environmentalists could agreeon.· Resource: Ch. 11 of Visualizing Environmental Science· View the“Declining Fish Stock” Environmental Sciencevideo locatedon the student website through WileyPLUS®.· Createa sustainability plan using the guidelines following the options.Option 2:Water Resource Plan Freshwater ResourcesYour local newspaper recently ran an article about issues facing freshwater resources. In response, you have identified a plan you think will alleviate one of the problems.· Resource: Ch. 10 of Visualizing Environmental Science· Selecta freshwater resource issue from the following list:o Floodingo Aquifer depletiono Overdrawing surface watero Saltwater intrusion and salinizationo Water pollutiono Eutrophication· Createa sustainability plan using the guidelines following the options.Option 3:Water Resource Plan TableYou have been hired by the Game and Fish Department to inform the public about the new plan to manage water resources in a new and interesting way.· View the“Declining Fish Stock” Environmental Sciencevideo locatedon the student websitethrough WileyPLUS®.· Createa sustainability plan table using the sustainability plan guidelines following the options.Option 4:Water Resource Plan Public Service AnnouncementAs an environmentalist and aspiring documentarian, you have been hired by the local conservation agency to broadcast a public service announcement (PSA) about your plan to conserve ocean water resources. They want you to highlight the issue and outline the plan you created to manage the resource.· Review Ch. 11 and Figure 11.12 of Visualizing Environmental Science, and choose one of the ocean water resource issues.· Createa sustainability plan using the guidelines following the options.Sustainability Plan GuidelinesYour resource plan must present what, when, and how something is sustained and maintained now and into the indefinite future. Your plan must be submitted in table format. The Corporation for National and Community Service (n.d.) provides the following list of components that make up a sustainability plan that must be included in your table:1. Action items: Provide the items that must be addressed or occur. Refer to the following example:My plan for sustaining clean air in my community is to develop an education program about air-pollution-generating activities and their effects, schedule a presentation day and time, invite community participants, and research the effects of air pollution.2. Order of action items: Discuss how the action items will align or occur. One event or activity must occur before another; thus, order the items into steps similar to the following:1) Research the effects of air pollution.2) Develop an education program.3) Schedule a presentation day and time.4) Invite the community.3. Action steps: Explain how you will conduct the action items. How are you going to make each item happen? Include individuals or groups who will help you conduct these items. Use the following as a guide:To schedule a presentation day and time, I will attend next month’s community homeowner’s association (HOA) meeting and request permission from the board to add it to the following month’s agenda.4. Timeline:Estimate when you will conduct the action items, such as:“In months 1–3, I will complete the research.” If an item or activity does not have a specific conclusion time, indicate that it is“ongoing.”The following is anincomplete sample of how you might incorporate your resource plan into a table format:Action Items(in the correct order)Action StepsAction StepsResearch and identify the effects of air pollution.Review environmental websites and journals.Document the sources of air pollution and both environmental and health effects of air pollution.Document video interviews of environmental researchers and facilitators.Month 1–3Develop an education program about air pollution effects.Develop a presentation about why this program is needed and include air pollution’s ill effects, the lifestyle changes that will be required, and the benefits and challenges of change.Month 1–3Schedule a presentation day and time.Attend a monthly HOA meeting to present the benefits of the program.Request that the HOA board add the presentation to the following month’s agenda.Document the audio and visual equipment needed for presentation and layout of the room.Month 4Identify and invite community participants.Tally the number of homes in the community.Create and distribute flyers to homes announcing the next HOA meeting and the educational program that will be introduced.Month 4–5Blank Sample Action PlanAction Items(in order)Action StepsTimelineAdd more rows if neededReferenceCorporation for National & Community Service. (n.d.). Sample sustainability plan. In Toolkit for program

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