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Assignment InstructionsIn the “Resources” section I have placed case studies of actual events and situations that arise in the day-to-day world of policy and public administration. Review the case studies and select one that you wish to analyze. Prepare a written analysis, generally following the guidelines posted in the folder (and summarized here). Please see the “Case Study Format” document which is posted in your folder. This outlines the format you should follow and addresses the purpose and focus of a case study. Generally, the intent is to identify and evaluate the administrative issues that led to the event described in the case study, and propose solutions.Your analysis should be approximately 3-5 single-space pages in length, not including quotations, lists, or the reference list. Parenthetic citations and the reference list will be in APA format. The attached paper should have a title, your name and the date should be at the top of the paper, and your last name should be at the beginning of the title of the electronic file. The assignment is due by Sunday.Guidelines:The central issue in your analysis should be to describe what the case tells us about the theory and practice of public administration. There is no one best way to address this. Thus, as you think about the answer to this primary question, you will need to develop your own framework for answering it. Some general questions that you may want to consider include the following:What are the issues and what are they issues?Who are the actors?What are the organizational forces? What are the external forces?What theoretical perspectives or models help you understand what happened in the case? How?What does the case tell us about:The environment within which public administration occurs?The nature of the policy system and the policy making process?The decision making process?Leadership and management?Administrative ethics?What recommendations would I make?How would I propose to do things differently?In analyzing the case, you should draw upon class readings and Internet resources as well as personal experiences that may be relevant. Do not spend much space in the paper describing case events, but instead focus on analysis.SubmissionTo submit your assignment, attach one or more files and then click Submit.

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