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assignment is focused on writing a 2-3 page paper that identifies and assesses
an important workplace communication where the communication lacked
effectiveness. The communication situation must be rich enough to evaluate the
breadth of all elements of a complete communication strategy. In the paper you
will please:

Clearly describe the
situation that prompted the communication and why the communication was

Describe and assess the
effectiveness/ineffectiveness of your approach, including awareness of the
audience, channel(s) used, persuasive approach, and style in terms of content
and tone. Include any relevant insights regarding your DiSC style and other
personality traits and characteristics

Design an improved approach
based on the analysis of your communication and make specific recommendations
for improvement.

Integrate the course
materials and develop an emphasis on explanation and reasoning in your paper
that demonstrates application of your learning from the course in your writing.

assignment should adhere to these guidelines:

Please include a cover page (see the Style
Guide for information)

Please use section headings
for the overall organizational flow of your work including an introduction and
a conclusion

Write in a logical and
well-organized conventional business style. Please use Times New Roman font
size 12 and double-space your paper with 1” margins.

All in-text citations and
references must follow the JWMI Style Guide. Check with your professor for any
additional instructions on citations.

On the first page or in a
header, include the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the
professor’s name, the course title, and the date. Reference pages are not
included in the assignment page length.

Faculty has the discretion
to penalize for assignments over or under the assignment guidelines. Check with
your individual professor if you feel the assignment requires a much longer or
shorter treatment than that stated above.

for this assignment will be based both on the substantive quality of the actual
content of the paper as it pertains to the focus of the assignment as well as
the composition, logical and progressive organizational flow, formatting,
grammar, syntax, punctuation and other evidences of writing skill using the
following rubric.

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