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Need help with UOP SCI/362 Schools of thought worksheet. Must be ALL ORIGINAL! Terms and Definitions WorksheetWrite brief descriptions for each of the following terms. If you use an outside source to define them, include an APA citation for the source.Scientific methodEnvironmental scienceAnthropocentrismBiocentrismDualismEcocentrismEcologyEcophilosophyEthicsHedonismHolismIndividualismMaterialismMetaphysicalMinimalismMonismEthical extensionismPluralismNaturalismNormativePragmaticRelativismUtilitarianEnvironmental justiceFossil fuelsRenewable energyEnvironmental Schools of ThoughtWrite 350- to 700-words below in which you select two of the following environmental schools of thought found among the terms in the worksheet. The environmental schools of thought are:o Anthropocentrico Biocentrico Deep ecology/ecocentricExplain how your chosen two schools of thought view a local environmental issue differently. Be sure to address any ethical concerns or controversies surrounding this environmental issue.Your Response:

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