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1. List four major physical changes
that occur at puberty.

2. List three ways that physical
changes at puberty can influence psychological and social development.

3. Give two examples of consequences
of early-maturing for girls and for boys.

4. What
are four new conceptual skills that emerge during the stage of formal
operational thought? (

5. Describe
two characteristics of adolescent egocentrism that may affect social
interaction and
problem solving. What is one possible result of each? (

6. What
are four environmental conditions that promote the development of formal
operational thought?

7. What are three reasons that
depressed mood is a special concern in adolescence? 1)
8. What are four risk factors
associated with adolescent suicide? (

9. What are four factors that are
likely to influence popularity and peer acceptance in early adolescence?

10. What are three components of
motivation that influence the transition to coitus in adolescence?
11. Define the three cognitive processes
that support the formation of group identity. (
12. Give four examples of the effects
associated with alcohol consumption. (

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