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34.Early family experiences contribute to a child’s
social competence.
35. Children
who had secure attachments in infancy have more friends by age 10 than those
with insecure attachments
36. In some cultures, parents feel social intelligence
is a more important skill than reading.
37. Intelligence has one specific meaning and is
measured by the Stanford Binet Intelligence Test.
38. Parents influence their child’s reading
abilities by providing opportunities for verbal interaction at home.
39. Children
with high levels of self-efficacy are likely to avoid challenging goals in
order to preserve their positive self-view.
40. Team play as a child does not teach the adult the
idea of a win-win strategy to resolve conflicts
41. Industry is comprised of cognitive, behavioral,
and affective dimensions
42. Industry is an eagerness to compete and win
43. Writer’s block and procrastination are examples
of inertia
44. Children will overcome the pain of failure
through competing in team play.
45. Issues
of industry versus inferiority can include attending to learning,
communication, and motor skills disorders.

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