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19. During middle childhood,
self-evaluation is strongly influenced by

20. False or inaccurate beliefs can
produce a reality that corresponds with these beliefs. What is this called?

21. ______ children are more aware of the
emotional and nonverbal behavior of others and make more use of social
information to evaluate and regulate their own behavior.

22. Parents’ stereotypes about which
gender is more talented in a particular area such as math, English, or sports,
23. Which of the following is one of the
three significant areas of learning that occurs as a result of team sports?

24. According to psychosocial theory, a
person’s fundamental attitude toward ______ is established during middle childhood.

25. Team sports emphasize which of the
following concepts?

26. Which of the following is the
psychosocial crisis of middle childhood?
27. Children discover that they cannot
master every skill they attempt. This contributes to feelings of

28. Which of the following is an important
function of education?

29. What is the goal of contextualization
of the learning process?

30. To contextualize instruction is to
carry out instruction in ways that draw upon

31. A student who believes in her ability
to approach a new situation and “get the job done” demonstrates

32. The tendency to strive toward higher
and higher levels of mastery is sometimes referred to as

33. Children with a sense of inertia

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