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1. What are the four elements of
understanding gender as a concept

2. What are three ways that parents
can encourage greater flexibility in gender-role thinking for their children?.
3. What three factors contribute to
the establishment of a gender preference

4. Explain preconventional morality
and give an example of a decision or explanation that would be likely for
someone who is operating on the basis of preconventional morality)
5. What aspects of a discipline
technique contribute to a child’s moral development?

6. Define the “I” as conceptualized by
William James. What are three of its
fundamental features? ()

7. What are three sources of
8. What are three ways that watching
televised violence may increase a child’s aggressiveness?

9. What obstacles stand in the way of
school readiness?
10. What are three ways that opportunities
to form friendships benefit early-school-age children? )

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