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Essay Questions (Long) – Answer all 7 essay questions
Answer ALLthe
following essay questions. Your response will be graded in terms
of accuracy, completeness, and relevancy of the ideas expressed. For full
points, your answer should be written in complete sentences and at least 5
paragraphs long with a recognizable introduction, and conclusion. Support your
statements with specific examples from the course material, cite your sources
both within the text of your essay and at the end of each essay. (10 points
each, 70 points possible)

Essay Question 1:Describe the four fields of anthropology, and give
examples of the type of research topics that each of them focus on.
Essay Question 2:What does an anthropologist mean by “culture”? Is there a
shared, unique American culture? Within your response distinguish between
multiculturalism and assimilation. Provide examples to support your
Essay Question 3:Discuss how anthropologists view the opportunities, as
well as challenges, associated with globalization. How may globalization affect
cultural diversity? Support your answer with examples from the course and
course readings.
Essay Question 4: What is interpretive drift, and why are even
anthropologists vulnerable to it? How does this process work, and why is it so
common? Give examples.
Essay Question 5:Discuss the relationship between language and culture.
Include a discussion of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Why is language important
to the development of culture. Include examples to support your response.
Essay Question 6:How do anthropologists contribute to solving human
problems? Include how the anthropological perspective and anthropological
approach enhance social work, education, and medicine.
Essay Question 7:List and describe the different forms of marriage found in
human societies. Choose one of the forms, and and discuss the “emic”
and etic views of why this form of marriage “makes sense”
(i.e., is adaptive)using specific examples from the course or course

Short Answer – Answer all 6 short essay questons
Respond to ALL the following short answer
questions. Your response should be at least 1-2 paragraphs long and written in
full sentences. (5 points each, 30 points possible)
Question 1:Describe the concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural
relativism. Give
one example of each.
Question 2:What does the still common practice of a wife assuming her
husband’s family name indicate about mainstream American kin practices?
Question 3:What is the difference between the integrative theory and
the exploitative theory of social stratification? Give examples to support your
Question 4:Describe the four ways that ways societies create a bias
toward collective violence. Give one example for each.
Question 5:Describe the role of religion in supporting people and
culture. Provide specific examples to illustrate and support your answer.
Question 6:Describe the ethnographic method and what it allows one to

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