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Required length:Part 1 requires a flow chart in MS Word or MS Power Point (1- 2 pages)Part 2 requires a 1-2 page length (TEXT) about a technology solution to scenario PLUS a reference page in APA formatWord Count: Not important as long as the rubric is followed correctly and requested answer is provided.Required external reference in APA format: at least 2 references from an .org .gov website or an acceptable scholarly journal article.If tdas1 is not available then I am requesting a deeply knowledgeable business tutor with the knowledge of English writing, MS word and/or MS PowerPointAssignment:***See attached and please take the time to read***Case Study Stage 2: Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal;There are two parts to this assignment:(POINT 1) Using either a flow chart or an outline format, you will analyze the business process identified in Stage 1 (breaking it down into sequential steps and modeling it). This can be either a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document to be submitted.(POINT 2) Using the case provided, propose a ‘technology solution’ for improving the process identified in Stage 1 and explain how the solution would support the organization’s strategic objectives. Your solution proposal will take the form of a short paper, using Microsoft Word. Note: It’s tempting to proposing integrating lots of new technology but focus on a single one that is easily supportive of proposed strategy and improvement.For Stage 2 of the Case Study: Analysis and Recommendation, you will ensure you cover the requirements by reviewing the assignment details and scoring rubric. You will (from the rubric):Design the AS-IS and TO-BE models for the process you identified in Stage 1, showing most of the major steps required. (10 points)Provide a logical flow of the process steps. (10 points)Model is presented professionally. (10 points)Briefly explain the business process chosen in Case Study Stage 1 and explain how a technology solution can improve the process. (7 points)***This was going to be a choice of “1” technology solution of from the attached words .docx on page 8 and below choices:- Wifi- Membership database update- Smart cards or smart key chain rings (tokens)* The smart card/token idea is linked closely with a digital updated membership database* The WiFi system is a given, extremely simple to resolvePropose a specific technology solution, describing it, which should be appropriate to the Fitness Center and improves the process identified in Case Study Stage 1. (15 points)List the major hardware, software and communications components that will be needed. How many of each is dependent on the proposed solution, but more importantly, the key components should be included. Your list should be applicable to your proposed solution and related to the case facts (15 points). For the software you choose, research online to find a package that will meet your solution’s needs. For example, if you choose a POS system, find a package that will meet a small business’ needs. For a Customer Relationship Management solution, find software that you can integrate with the system you choose. Some POS systems have a CRM option. If a network is designed, will it be wired or wireless? Anti-virus software should be considered if the system will communicate with the Internet. A backup solution should be included if the software you choose doesn’t have backup features. Again, only the major items need to be mentioned.Explain how the proposed technology solution will improve the process (10 points). Note the old process and improved process with specific examples on how the proposed solution (technology) will improve it.Explain how the proposed solution will support at least one strategic objective identified through the Porter’s Five Forces Analysis conducted in Case Study, Stage 1 (7 points). Include one of Porter’s Five Forces and/or the generic strategy you chose in Case Study, Stage 1, to discuss.External research (outside of the textbook) conducted. (6 points)Report format. (10 points)

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